GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 1: Intro
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Hello, Bonjour, Blessuth Canada, Iceland and all points in between !  
	My name is Paul Moth.  We have returned. 

	On today's show:  summer cabins become a thing of the seasonal past;  
	youngsters get a smoking lesson as we celebrate Nfld Industry; roll up 
	a good new book and get high on modern Canlit.

	All this, for you, with me, on The Great Eastern, Nfld.'s Cultural Magazine.


	Whew !  What a summer it has been.

	More tourists than you could squeeze into a government-funded hotel renovation.  
	Even ignoring fire regulations.

	And the disasters.  Well, you must be as tired hearing about them as we are.

	One catastrophe some of you may not know about is that, unfortunately, we 
	no longer will be carried in Canada on the CBC AM band.  However, there 
	will be partial distribution of our show on something called Radio One and 
	Radio Two.  I am assured by those in the know that this is a top-rank service 
	and eventually it will reach most Canadians.

	Thankfully, there will be no similar disruption to our Icelandic services.
	Anyway, a big nautical hello to you.

	And, speaking of that wonderful isle, what a week we had over there !

	I've just returned from our annual "Last Saturday in August in Iceland" 
	show.  Reykjavik always blows me away.  And this year, more than ever.
	On a personal note for Kristin, I know she's listening.  

	DROY-mahr MEE-nir UR-thoo ath VERoolayka. Taak K-EYE-RRleya. (My dream 
	came true.  Draumar mķnir uršu ([like the eu in deux]) uaš veruleika.  
	Thanks a lot, thanks much, gee, thanks a lot. Takk kęrlega.)

	Also on last week's show, you may remember that we enjoyed a visit 
	from Newfoundland Trivia expert Rock Hiscock.  Rock fielded a question 
	concerning Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King and his interest in 
	the occult.

	(deep breath)

	We are now obliged to make an apology and clarification with regards 
	to Rock's answer to that query.  

	And let me first off admit that, though I may have egged Rock on, I 
	did not "bait" him as some have suggested.  

	Anyway, Rock's insinuation of questionable or inappropriate relations 
	between Prime Minister King and his beloved dog, Pat, is entirely 
	supposition on the part of Mr. Hiscock.  

	Furthermore, there is no evidence of a continuing "cult of the dark 
	arts" or "hidden world of secret societies" governing the country 
	from beneath Ottawa.

	Michael Enright, the former host of the celebrated radio program 
	As It Happens, is not a "Grand Master Freemason." 

	Perrin Beatty, President of our sister broadcaster The CBC, is not "a 
	Jesuit appliance under the remote control of an alternate, second papacy".  

	Mr. Hiscock was stretching the truth when he suggested he served in 
	the capacity of Best Boy in a false lunar landing  staged by NASA in 
	1968 near Fermeuse on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.  NASA assures 
	us they do not have a "drama department".

	The Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland apologizes to The 
	Ottawa-Carlton SPCA, The Masonic Order, The Society of Jesus, The 
	National Aeronautics and Space Administration, IATSE, Beatty 
	Appliance of .... Ontario, and the Broadcasting Corporation of 
	Canada for these errors and any distress they might have caused.


	Now, recorded in my Reykjavik hotel room was this group from 
	Finland.  Here is Anjellin Tee-tot, with "Gouktelogiovcci." 

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