GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 16: Back at Mom's
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	January 3, 1992, first day back in St. John's - 
	after Los Angeles, after stimulant induced cardiac 
	arhythmia and arrest, after deportation, after two 
	long, lost years.

	All I had to show for it were a few tantalizing souvenirs, 
	clues to the mystery racking my newly sober conk  - the charge 
	card, the prescription, the scars on my groin.  

	First day back in St. John's. First day clean and sober in 
	many, many years.  First day back at Mom's.  

	Back at Mom's, after all that happened, back at Mom's.  

	She greets me with a piping hot bowl of rabbit soup, home made 
	bread, and strong tea.  After lunch, I pick up the phone and 
	begin the process of integrating myself back into the community.  
	Call Ger Cadigan, there's a post-Christmas racket going on - 
	ugly talk about custody of the kids and whether Ger would keep 
	the Duster.  

	Try reaching Bill Murphy.  Turns out he's spending the Yule 
	season as a guest of Her Majesty.  

	Next, Ish Lundrigan, to ...what ?  Beg for a job ?  He answers 
	and I can't speak, I just hang up.  

	I find I'm shaking.  I'm exhausted, deeply shagged from a 
	decade of abuse and doubt. 

	I shuffle up the stairs, down the hallway to my room.  How 
	small it seems, and when I lay down on the bed, how familiar the view.   
	Night falls yet I cannot sleep.  There is another call to make, 
	to Noreen Raymond, my old girlfriend, the girl I'd left behind 
	when I blew this frozen burg for the bright lights.  The girl 
	whose heart I'd broken, my vanity the instrument of destruction.  
	I mean to call her, but ... pride ... no ... I love her enough 
	to leave her be.  She's happy now, over the moon happy with six 
	kids and a husband who I'll confess is a decent bloke.  And still, 
	this time of year, some nights ...