GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 19: What's That Noise?
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Time now for the return of our popular panel on the 
	political culture of Newfoundland, and with me now in the 
	... no ?  Not yet ?  Ah ... We'll have that for you later 
	in the show.  

	Alright then ...

	Finally, and with some embarrassment, I happily announce it 
	is time for the most popular, and perhaps the most postponed 
	game show on the long wave ... What's That Noise from Nfld.

	Yes, after a hiatus of, what is it Hollis, eight weeks ?, once 
	more we go down in to the barrel of entries that is standing 
	by my here at the microphone.

	Circumstances beyond anybody's control have resulted recently 
	in an irregular delivery of the contest.  Oougubomba intervened, 
	then there was the holiday season, not to mention we had a postal 
	strike in our part of the country that held up your mail ... anyway !  
	Here we are !  Hollis Duffett, man of the buttons, do your storied thing.


	That's that consarned noise, what are you going to do about it ?

	Tell you what I'm going to do about it ...  CRTC regulations are 
	being strictly enforced around here these days.  We've had a visit 
	from some ... regulators ... and, you know, we've got to appear to 
	be on the up and up, so we have to give away the prize this week.  
	The news is, I'll be drawing entries until we get a winner !


	Not to mention they're giving me grief about the tattoo I said I 
	would get ... but some of your  suggestions - sheesh - well, let's 
	say they've not been very imaginative.  More about that later.
	Anyway, I'm just going to dump all the envelopes and e-mails and 
	stuff out on to the table here, and go through them one by one.

	So, let's see ... here's an entry from Vancouver, BC, from Cimarron 
	Corpe, and she writes "Hi, From what I could hear it sounds like, 
	a turkey gobble?"  Quizmaster Hollis ?  No, sorry, Cimarron, not 
	a turkey ...

	Here's an e-mail, from Russell Hopper in Salisbury, New Brunswick, 
	"The noise is a cow moose or a crafty Newfoundland hunter trying 
	to sound like a cow  moose."  ?  No, Russell, Hollis says not a 
	cow moose imitation. 

	A post card now, from Salt Spring Island in beautiful BC, from John 
	Moysey, and he writes:  "Dear Paul Moth, The sound is one excited 
	UFO watcher who calls to his buddy: 'Ernie, look look look look look!' 
	whilst pointing at imaginary spots dancing before their drug affected 
	retinas."  Yeesh !  Phew, no, I don't think so, John, Hollis ?  No.

	Manitoba checks in here, this is from Jonathan Davis of Portage la 
	Prairie, he writes:  "Hi, I am guessing that the mystery noise is 
	Paddy Parfrey, he is the National Mens and Provincial U-19 Rugby 
	Coach.  He makes that noise when he is telling his team to RUCK!!.  
	He says it really fast." ?  Hollis says no.
	Another BC entry here, from Victoria, and Bruce Collins writes:  
	"The key to solving this sonic conundrum is ... etc etc ... The man 
	whose voice can be heard saying "Galook-look-look-look-look" is 
	obviously calling animals .. so this noise would have to be -  A 
	reindeer rancher taking the morning feed out to his reindeer." ?  
	No, Bruce, evidently not.

	Robert Forster, in an e-mail with no return address - I wish they'd do 
	something about that - writes:  "Paul, Sounds like a man calling 
	willow ptarmigans, possibly thinking they are "funny chickens".  
	No, Robert, not funky chickens.

	Next ?  David Williams, in another one of those uncreditable e-mails, 
	writes:  "The present noise from Nfld is ... A stuttering man from Woody 
	Point at Bonne Bay beginning to sing the Cuban Folksong "Cu Cu Lu Ku Lu 
	Ku LUUUUUUUUU."  Hmm, now that's a song I don't know.   Hollis ?

	On to one from St. John's !  Mark Lefebvre writes: "Greetings from the 
	woolly wilds of St. John's (east) and the Lake Quidi Vidi Resort, 
	Sound: duck call - quack quack bang bang - fun! ... in the streets 
	of St. John's, Newfoundland.  I hear you can get off on drive-by 
	shooting charges this way."  I wouldn't try either of those, Mark.  
	And ... not the right guess.

	An envelope now, from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, from Cameron Chisholm.  
	He writes , in a gorgeous card, "The answer is a good old fashioned 
	Canadian Canada goose hunt.  Ah, I can practically smell the gunpowder." ?  
	Well, Cameron, that's all your smelling, no garland of victory here, sorry.
	Larry Marin, also from Ontario somewhere, e-s us : "I believe that 
	your noise from Newfoundland is the sound of Roy Budgell calling his 
	free range geese to come for their feed.   If it's not Roy it's someone 
	who sounds a lot like him."  (Pause)  No, Larry, not Roy.
	Let's see ... Greg Appleyard of Saskatoon, Sask., writes "Dear Paul 
	(Host of the Best Show on Radio) - why thank you, Greg ! This week's 
	noise from Newfoundland is very clearly an amateur attempt to call 
	in black backed gulls and arctic terns to the scraps of dried stale 
	bread thrown at water's edge."  No, Greg, not feeding time for birds.

	Andrew Woodruff of Halifax writes:  "Hi:  blah blah ... an unusual 
	NFLD. sound. It sounded like someone calling ducks or chickens with 
	a Cluck, Cluck, Cluck."  Sorry, Andrew.  I think we had that one 
	before.  Big on the poultry guesses today, hey ?
	And yet another entry from Ontario, "Paul, Love the show.  I think 
	this week's sound was a person giving commands to his retriever, a
	nd the said dog jumping in the water.   And that's from Matthew 
	Deline and Kristi Taylor. Hollis?


	Yee-e-e-e-esss - we have a winner !  That is indeed the sound of a 
	hunter giving direction to his retriever as it darts off for the 
	prey !  A common sound in the fall and winter around here.  Although 
	I think it sounds more like a beagle, myself.  Congratulations, 
	Matthew and Kristi in downtown Toronto !  Your BCN souvenir will 
	be on its way to you in the next mail.  And the CRTC heavies are ... 
	going out the door !  (Sneer)


	All this mail goes in to the dumper, and we start with a clean 
	bag next week.  Fill up that bag with your guesses about what 
	you think this is.  Hollis, twist our sound button.


	There it is, in all its glory.  If you think you know what that 
	noise from Newfoundland is, by all means make use of the many ways 
	you can get the answer to us.  Our mailing address is the BCN, 
	342 Duckworth St., St. John's, Newfoundland, A1C  1H5.  And our 
	e-mail address is  Enter early, enter often !

	You've heard them here before, you know them, you love them, 
	Lizband has a new compact disc available.  It's called "I've Been 
	Here Before", and this cut is "Belly Painting."

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