GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 2: What's That Noise?
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	We were floored by the reaction  of faithful mainland listeners 
	who tuned in for a new season of TGE last week and found it wanting ... 
	no What's That Noise From Nfld. Contest.
	People said things like: "Our worst fears about TGE have been confirmed 
	( caller barking like a dog );" "This is the greatest betrayal of a nation 
	by any broadcaster, ever;"  "Words fail me (letter stained with tears);" 
	"BCN has stooped to a new level." 

	Strong words and sentiments all.  Our listeners have spoken.

	But your outrage, while well-meaning, is misplaced.

	Call no longer !  The noise is back !

	First, let's hear the newest possible noise from Nfld., then the story.

	Hollis Duffett, if you would be so kind.


	There it is, fresh out of the box.
	As promised, here's the story.

	What's That Noise was taken off the air in June, when it came under a 
	cloud of ... well, it was just another of the scandals of the Black 
	Summer of `97, I'm afraid.  A brutal time here in the happy province.

	In May, under the direct sponsorship of Drodge Family Motors, we offered 
	a new, expensive, prize for guessing The Noise from Nfld. - a hand-made, 
	fully-loaded, luxury automobile, the 1997 Drodge Phallus.
	The sound was guessed in the first week it was on the air.  Drodge coughed 
	up the Phallus, we took the presentation photos, shook hands and gave away 
	the keys.  We put a new noise on the air and again, the noise was guessed 
	in the first week.

	We sensed a pattern. 

	Then an unnamed employee - okay, it was Tommy Codner - was seen rolling 
	up in front of Chez Ed, our trendiest eatery, in a fancy `97 Drodge fitted 
	with all mod cons.

	Now remember, this guy was only a technician here at the BCN.  No offense, Hollis.

HOLLIS:	None taken, Paul.

PAUL:	Tommy allegedly had passed both secret sounds to family members 
	over a game of cards.  His payoff was one of the cars.

	Well, this misadventure cost him his job, it cost us Drodge's sponsorship, 
	the ensuing lawsuits have clogged the courts for months and the contest has 
	been in limbo.

	We've learned our lesson, we now know that radio shows should only offer 
	modest prizes like mugs, complimentary books, or, in our case, an 
	unpretentious, but traditional, Great Eastern tee-shirt.

	The What's That Noise from Nfld Contest is back !

	So, person of sound, Hollis Duffett, let's hear the new commotion.


	There we are !

	If you think you know what that sound is, write us immediately at 
	What's That Noise From Nfld., c/o the BCN, 342 Duckworth St., 
	St. John's, Nfld., A1C 1H5.  Or e-mail us.  Our electronic 
	address is

	Write now !