GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 2: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Evidently, they're in Toronto right now, putting the 
	final touches on their latest stage show.  The self-proclaimed 
	greatest rock and roll band in the world, the Rolling Stones.

	What is it about age, does the brain not hear the body talking ?

	We're all on the way out.  Planned obsolescence is the human condition.

	What makes some of us think we can ignore the trail every other 
	living thing has walked?

	What makes us imagine we are invincible ?

	I remember telling them, back in `72, I said, Mick, I said, it's 
	over, because, even though I had a great time there, Altamont was 
	a disaster for you guys.  You've done your best work.  You've brought 
	the whip down.  You're in danger of ripping yourselves off.  Don't 
	beat this thing black and blue.  You might think you're hot stuff, 
	but it's only rock and roll, Mick.  "Exile on Main St.", man, let 
	that be your testament.  It's a musical statement.  You're rich as Croesus.  
	You've got babes galore.  Glory.  Admiration if not adoration.  You've 
	made your mark.  How long do you think Charlie can go on doing this ?

	Remember, this was in `72 I was saying this.  

	Bass man Bill Wyman is gone, but Charlie's still on the stool.  
	And Keith ... well, Keith has the blood and internal organs of Saleem, 
	a fourteen year old Pakistani boy, but that's another story.  

	And they got Ron Wood on guitar.  Ron Wood !  I told Mick, Mick, 
	I said, Ron Wood can't carry Keith's guitar pick.  He might play a 
	little bass, but don't let him hold a guitar, for god's sake.

	Did he listen ?  Does anybody ever listen ?

	While I got to admit that hoped-for profits of $400 million dollars 
	are some serious moss, I got to wonder about Mick and Keith and the lads.

	They have yet to realize they're just the new dinosaurs walking 
	in the old dinosaur's shoes.

	They used to play New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Copenhagen.

	Now they're playing Norman, Oklahoma.

	And six whole dates in Canada.  Six.  Winnipeg, Edmonton, Quebec 
	City, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

	I dare them to come to St. John's.  I just dare them.  Posers.

	The Rolling Stones Master Card, puhleeze.  And now their pension 
	plan is on the road !  Sponsored by Sprint, no less.  Should be 
	sponsored by Depends.