GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 2: The Vault
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.

PAUL:	The long descent, beneath the BCN building to the audio archive, 
	The Vault, where ribbons of aging acetate trap time as an ancient 
	Moth in amber.   

ISH:	Clever. One of these days your name will be on jam crocks. 

PAUL:	Long gate keeper to this tomb of tape, Ish Lundrigan, Director 
	of Radio here at the BCN and so my boss.  I am your humble servant.

ISH:	As if.  

PAUL:	Ish I understand you have some archival tape of the Newfoundland 
	Beat Poets to share.

ISH:	No Paul today two pieces of ...

PAUL:	What about the Beats?

ISH:	I'm still looking.

PAUL:	Jeez Ginsburg bought it in April!  Now Burroughs is gone.  The 
	tape's not going to have any resonance.

ISH:	I believe I run this segment.

PAUL:	Aye aye sir, what mouldy relic have you for us today.

ISH:	War time tape from the secret British Intelligence facility 
	at Cape Freels.  

PAUL:	Huh?

ISH:	Yes Paul, the hush-hush happenings at Lumsden Park.

PAUL:	Not the giant vacuum tubes up Bonavista North.

ISH:	The same.  The heart of a monsterous broadcasting centre, dedicated 
	to demoralizing the enemy.  We at the BCN ran the machinary but the 
	brains of the operation was Colonal Rupert Rothbury-Snell of ....

PAUL:	Like us colonials to need help from the mother country.

ISH:	I've as much pride as the next man Paul but it's got to said our 
	first efforts were very poor.  Here's an early broadcast with Walter 
	Pilgram at the mic.


PAUL:	And these broadcasts actually reached Germany?

ISH:	The antenna stood a precarious three hundred feet, with six big, 
	four hundred cubic yard Tucker-Royce tubes behind it all powered with 
	a sixty thousand watt Rathyon battery. The Germans couldn't even scramble 
	it.  Domestic broadcasting restrictions would never allow for that kind 
	of oomph.  Birds flying in front of the broadcast would dropped from 
	the sky fully cooked.

PAUL:	When did Rothbury-Snell arrive on the scene?

ISH:	In forty via ... and Bletchley Park   He was a master propogandist 
	and specialist in black information. His approach was much more sophisticated.  
	Here some tape from after the war.  He and Brigadeer General Sir Harley 
	Pennington-Roach-Stiffley, the second Earl of Barley were speaking on 
	BCN's Appointment With Destiny.

PAUL:	Pennington-Roach-Stiffley, what was his role?

ISH:	Nothing really, he was shipped out to the colonies to spare the 
	family embarassment back home.


RUPERT:	...Very primative when we first arrived I could just hear Gerry 
	laughing at the broadcasts.  My notion was to produce a show which alledged 
	to originate from a prisoner of war camp located here in Newfoundland.  
	It's function ...


RUPERT:	Right you are General. Perhaps we should hear some tape of the show.


VOX:	Well folks it's Friday night here at POW camp 23 on the Beautiful 
	Salmonier River so its time for a BEER HALL.

SFX:	Crowd cheers and OmPah music.

VOX:	The Pilsener is flowing tonight.  Here's a happy prisoner, where are you 
	from son.

PRIS:	I am from Hamburg

VOX:	How do like your internment so far?

PRIS:	It's great ja!  I'm having a good time.

VOX:	And who is this buxom Fraulien?

FRAU:	I am Inge Rudler a nurse from Mannhiem.

VOX:	Are you enjoying life at the camp?

FRAU:	The food is good but there are so many girls and not enough boys 
	to satisfy our needs for love.

VOX:	Don't you worry Inge there'll be more German boys along soon.


RUP:	That would give your sub-unter-private shivering in the Bulge second thoughts!


RUP:	Indeed.  To fill the ranks of my troupe I called up the old gang at the 
	Cambridge Dramatic Society. What a time we had up there in the makeshift studio 
	at Lumsden.  That was the great Kenneth Haughtenbury as Inge.  Staggered in 
	front of the pulse one day and ... never saw England again. 

GEN:	BLOODY BRILLIANT!  Never have so many poufters with so few lines produced 
	so much drama. PUKKA!


PAUL:	And if remember my History 201, Monty attributed his victory in Africa 
	to the brave work of the ACTORS CORP.  What was Rothbury-Snell doing here in 53.

ISH:	He knocked up a local girl during the war and so stayed on to run the 
	BCN Public Relations Office in Gander.