GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 23: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Civil disobedience.  Break-ins.  Lawlessness.  
	Disorder.  Anarchy.

	I've long been an advocate of these activities.  But 
	only subjectively - as an ideological weapon, a means of 
	equalling the eqaution, as a swipe at the oppressor, for 
	upsetting the enemy.

	Never have I been on the receiving end, felt the pains of 
	being violated.

	Never have I experienced the oppressor's experience.

	And I don't like it.

	I'm speaking on a personal level, here.

	Sure, the station was a target, sure the perpetrators messed 
	up a couple of the studios and stole tee-shirts and pocket 
	protectors from the kiosk in the lobby.

	Sure there were pictures of on-air personalities torn from 
	the walls and cruelly defaced.

	But they chose my office for the foulest of their deeds.

	If you've never endured the inhumanity, the infringement of 
	grubby unknowns breaking in to a place you hold as your resort, 
	your priest's hole, your refuge, then you know nothing of the 
	emptiness I feel.

	You, too, would have been as humiliated as I by the ... childish 
	manner in which they singled out my office and soiled it.

	But not only that.  The pilfering of cherished mementoes from 
	my journeys round this island, this world.  They've stolen my 
	memories as well as my belongings.

	What of the rifling of my private documents, and the desk where 
	I keep certain ... 'papers', say, papers that perhaps are notes 
	for little chats like this, or ... messages to myself (or others) 
	that are for only a limited number of eyes, and diaries of certain 
	... confidential events, say ...

	Some pieces were stolen that could only have been used as, well 
	it's just as well to say it, as blackmail ... some innocent, 
	inconsequential logs that can be twisted into a circumstantial 
	web of incriminating insinuations only by those with nefarious purpose.

	Come on. Send back the manual.

	Send back the pez juicer.

	What foul use have you of them?

	What greater blueprint do you follow ?

	Why was mine the only office ransacked ?  

	What are you saying about me in the halls ?  

	Hollis, stop that smirking !

	Arrgghh ... I don't know what's going on around here any more.