GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 25: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Some days you just want it to stop.  The inundation 
	by what is determined as "news."  The pornography of celebrity 
	and our prurient, voyeuristic interest in it. 

	Fie that what would bestir our emotions would be worthwhile 
	concern with art, science, thought, honest discourse and true 

	The vigilance of nincompoops and the attention-deficit plagued 
	lackies of megalomanical mono-minded media magnates keep before 
	readers chimeras and kitsch.  Red herrings.  Entertainments at 
	the best of times and emotion-bereft, googly-eyed gawk-fests at worst.

	Where is the real news ?

	When do we hear what is happening to people - not to the libido-crazed, 
	alcohol-fuelled, hand-puppets wiggled with an erect middle finger 
	by the back-room cabal;  not the little carrot stories keeping us 
	running away from the cart of what is truly important - but to the 
	real people, people like you and me who have become pawns for those 
	passing go in a giant game of Monopoly ?

	Aliens, Elvis, breast implants, women giving birth to animals, 
	animals giving birth to kitchen appliances, diet fads, zinc the 
	new echinacea, this is the stuff that speaks to me.  These are 
	the important issues.  Where are they in the mainstream media ?

	Why do we get the daisy chain of constitutional debate ?  The 
	sexual peccadilloes of quasi-elected officials constantly paraded 
	before us ?

	Who cares !  I got my own peccadilloes to worry about.  

	And then there's television sports!

	But the big story didn't make it to the headlines.  Didn't even make 
	it to the police blotter.  I want to know who's behind the break-ins 
	here at the BCN !  Who's covering up that story ?  What's their game?

	Be careful, listener, be verrrrry careful.