GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 25: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Some days you just want it to stop.  The inundation 
	by what is determined as "news."  The pornography of celebrity 
	and our prurient, voyeuristic interest in it. 

	Fie that what would bestir our emotions would be worthwhile 
	concern with life, art, thought, honest discourse and true 

	The vigilance of nincompoops and the attention-deficit plagued 
	lackies of megalomanical mono-minded media magnates keep before 
	readers chimeras and kitsch.  Red herrings.  Entertainments at 
	the best of times and emotion-bereft, googly-eyed gawk-fests at worst.

	Where is the real news ?

	When do we hear what is happening to people - not to the libido-crazed, 
	alcohol-fuelled, hand-puppets wiggled with an erect middle finger by 
	the back-room cabal;  not the little carrot stories keeping us running 
	away from the cart of what is truly important - but to the real people 
	like you and me who have become pawns for those passing go in a giant 
	game of Monopoly ?

	Aliens, Elvis, breast implants, women giving birth to animals, animals 
	giving birth to kitchen appliances, diet fads, zinc the new echinacea, 
	television sports !

	We are being sold a bill of goods.  What's the deal ?  Is someone afraid 
	we might do some thinking out here in the streets ?

	So come on ... what's with this Saddam Hussein noise ?  You want Saddam 
	Hussein taken out ?  If that's all that's bothering you, I know three 
	guys who'd do it for twenty-five thousand bucks.  And they're very quiet ?

	No, there are bigger fish to be fried.  Because now money is what makes 
	governments and businesses talk.  And when they talk we walk.  Money 
	is the citizen and people are expendable.  

	Just so long as there's money, hey ?

	Ads, news, and the manipulation of the masses.

	Have I said all this before ?

	Wars in the east ?  Wars in the west ?

	What about the battle to stay alive ?  What's with the muscle 
	flexing everywhere else but where it matters ?  How can governments 
	and industry get together and give each other trade-offs that are 
	good for money and investment but do nothing for the people who 
	elect and or pay for these negotiations ? 

	The unemployment rate is at Third World levels, the population is 
	declining, the profits from Hibernia's hole in the North Atlantic 
	are pouring out of the province like all the natural resources 
	before it;  we haven't seen a red penny out of that hole in the 
	Atlantic yet, and my bet is we never will.

	If we were an Arab sheikdom, the whole works of us would be driving 
	around in Mercedes Benzes or Drodge Super Phalluses now.

	Or, as Frank Zappa once wrote, who are the brain police ?