GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 26: What's That Noise?
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.


PAUL:	(OFF MIC)  I'm coming, I'm coming !

	Ah, phew, sorry about that, I was just having a 
	coffee out in the ... anyway ...

	It's time now for what some consider the most challenging 
	game show on the long wave, What's That Noise From Newfoundland.

	Hollis Duffett, holder of the face cards, lay 'em out for 
	all to see.


	That's it, the newest noise from the happy province.

	It is alleged, and I don't know if this is true or not, 
	that Newfoundland is an endless source of noise.  That's 
	a legacy we here at the BCN take pride in protecting.
	And here it is, or here they are, heaps of hopefuls, down 
	I go, and out comes this week's lucky contestant ... all 
	the way from ... Nova Scotia, our westerly sister province, 
	and it's from Patrick Mooney, and Patrick writes, "Having 
	been exiled to the soft caresses of the mainland, the mystery 
	sound today was balm to my soul. For it was no mystery at all.

	Many's the time I've heard those sounds - parked not more 
	than 200 feet from the Trans Canada. I'm convinced the recording 
	was made in that gravel pit about 20 miles west of the Holyrood 
	access road. It was not just the peculiar sound of the traffic 
	rushing by, but the special quality of the echo and/or 
	reverberation from the clift at the end of the pit.

	Sorry that this competition will be so short-lived, Paul. 
	By the way, I take size XXL.

	Toodle pip, Patrick Mooney."

	Well, big Patty Mooney, ex of Newfoundland, I'm sorry, you are 
	wrong, not a gravel pit near Holyrood, or anywhere for that matter.

	Get your pencil and paper ready, I'll give you the contest 
	address right after we hear the noise from Newfoundland again.

	Hollis, my man, let 'er rip.


	That's it, your only hint for another week.

	Should you recognize that sonic dipsy-doodle, you are bound to 
	drop us a line at What's That Noise From Nfld., c/o the BCN, 
	342 Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfld., A1C 1H5.  Or e-mail us,

	A contest entry from Nova Scotia, hey.   How about some music 
	from Nova Scotia ?

	Here's Cool Blue Halo with "Spark-o-matik."

CD	CUT 1	3:10