GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 29: What's That Noise?
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Stop, hey, what's that sound, every 
	knows what's going down ...

	And what's going down is the What's That Noise From 
	Newfoundland contest, the most popular game show not 
	currently on television !

	Ah, how I long for the brain-stem rattling evocation 
	of aural delights !  Hollis Duffett, custodian of our 
	sound, refresh our lobes!


	So, without further ado, let's roust out this week's entry.  
	It comes to us from ... Burlington, Ontario, and it is sent 
	in by Peter and Anna Gallant, and they write:  "We think we 
	know the source of that sound from Newfoundland. It sounds 
	like a crane being used at a wharf; possibly loading or 
	unloading container ships.  Really enjoy your show!"  Thank 
	you vee much for being so kind.

	But unfortunately, Peter and Anna Gallant of Ontario, 
	no tee-shirt for you, the sound is not a crane.

	Despair ye not, ye listeners of inquiry, here comes a hint.  
	Get your pen and paper ready, I'll give you our mailing addresses 
	right after Hollis Duffett gives you our noise.


	That's it, if you know what it is, write us c/o the BCN, 342 
	Duckworth St., St. John's, Nfld., A1C 1H5.  Or e-mail us,

	From what appears to be an unlikely mix of Newfoundland music 
	and the Paraguayan harp, Gayle Tapper has created a haunting 
	and attractive blend on her new cd "Here The Tides Flow."  
	From that disc, here's "Show-gwee Bird."

CD	CUT 4	3:15