GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 30: What's That Noise?
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Bee-boop, bee-boop, bee-boop ! Ah !  ah !  ah !  
	Whoo-oo, whoo-oo, whoo-oo !  Pull over !  It's time 
	to ask the most clamorous question on the long wave, 
	What's That Noise From Newfoundland !

	Yes, this cranky sound has proven to be quite a quandry 
	to the country.  Hollis Duffett, pull the switch and 
	fill our heads ... with sound !


	That is it !  Now, usually we draw one letter from the 
	mail sack each week, but seeing as how this is our last 
	show on the CBC this season, more about that later, Ish 
	Lundrigan has given me carte blanche to keep on drawing 
	entries to the contest until we have a winner !  Good 
	news for somebody.

	So without further ado, let's get the old bag on the 
	table and start pulling guesses.

	Wayne Logus, Edmonton, "a sawmill", nope.


	Ah ...Thea March of Barss Corner, Nova Scotia:  "a water 
	bomber coming and dropping its load." No, Thea.

	Scott Hadley in ... Mexico !  Como estas, compadre.  
	"driving over slush ice trying to climb a steep hill."  
	Long way to come for a wrong guess.  Sorry, Scott.

	Michael Ragland, in an e-mail:  "Jets/helocopters from 
	Goose Bay."  No.

	Winston Fiander of Ottawa:  "a water-mill driven 
	circular saw ..."  No. 

	Gottfrid Janze of Quesnel, BC:  "a hover craft."  Wrong.

	Paul Mallam, also from BC, Prince George:  "a very large 
	vehicle going over a metal bridge or ramp ... "  Sorry, no.

	Bob Galloso of Miami !  writes:  "a plane flying over Gander."  

	Dave Brown of Sudbury, Ontario:  "a ferry's crane ...".  Not 
	that either.

	Carol Dunphy of the electronic universe writes:  "a fish 
	truck's tires on wet pavement."  Sorry, Carol, no.

	Terry Gillett of Montreal, says:  "It is a very large bee 
	(as heard by an ant)."  Black hash, eh, Terry?

	J.M Prince of ... Cartersville, Ga, via shortwave !  Wow !  
	J.M Prince writes:  "vehicles traveling over a steel bridge, ..."  
	I think we just had one like that. 

	James Klaasen writes:  "a race car going at full speed."  Unh-uh.

	Pam from somewhere writes:  "Winch."  Nope.

	Ted Thorne of Millarville, Alberta writes:  "Dear John," pheff, 
	"... blah blah blah ... but none can compare to the sound of 
	a ferry coming into dock and the rubbing of the ship's hull 
	along the oiled pilings that make up the piers."


	Wow, Ted Thorne of Millarville, Alberta, you are a winner !  
	Hollis Duffett informs me that noise from Newfoundland is 
	indeed, the Bell Island ferry arriving at Portugal Cove, 
	just outside our fair city. 

	Ted, your tee shirt is almost on its way.

	Now a real surprize, there is no new noise ! 

	Next week, The Great Eastern ups stakes and goes to Iceland 
	for the summer.  Yes, we'll be broadcasting live from Rejkjavik 
	to Iceland and Newfoundland from April until August.

	And in the spirit of that move, we'll be inaugurating a new 
	What's That Noise contest, only it'll be called Kvath airr 
	(rolling r) thess-eh how-vaa-theh frow Ees-land-eh kahhpp-lake-urr, 
	what's that noise from Iceland.
	I'm not sure what our street address in Rejkjavik will be, 
	we'll let you know that on the first Kvath airr (rolling r) 
	thess-eh how-vaa -theh frow Ees-land-eh kahhpp-lake-urr next 
	week, but of course those of you who are in range of our 
	signal can enter electronically as always.  Our e-mail 
	address remains, thanks to 
	the mother corporation for maintaining that link for us 
	for the whole year.

	I haven't been able to take Capt Beefheart off my turntable 
	for days. Here, from his album Shiny Beast Bat Chain Puller, 
	is Capt. Beefheart with the Magic Band performing "Candle Mambo."