GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 30: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	I've alluded to it earlier, the fact that, yes, 
	this is our last live show to Canada for this season.

	The current agreement between the BCN and CBC which 
	sees our program broadcast to you is up, and there are 
	negotiations currently underway concerning our national 
	presence for next year.

	If anything, this past run of shows has been even more 
	wildly successful than last year's, and while I don't 
	want the accusation leveled at me that I'm boosting The 
	Great Eastern in a vain attempt at renewal for 1998-1999, 
	let me remind you that 1999 marks Nfld.'s 50th year of 
	membership in the confederation of Canada.  There are many 
	stories to tell and many parties to attend.  Our distinct 
	island culture will be in the spotlight as, no doubt, Canada 
	celebrates with us this acceptable political compromise.  
	And you'll want to be here when it all happens.  Because 
	there will be many giveaways of souvenirs, cash prizes, trips 
	for two from here to there and back again, and much much more.

	But I won't go down that self-aggrandizement path.

	No, it's been a marvelous year here on the CBC.  We've seen our 
	listenership spread from Vukovar to Victoria, from White Horse 
	to Miami, and even on in to Mexico.  Your mail has been 
	overwhelmingly positive and heartwarming.  We here at The 
	Great Eastern thank you for your fulsome praise and hope we 
	can remain hip, but humbled.

	Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

	A little scheduling information for you.  The expiration of the 
	CBC/BCN agreement at this time has afforded us the luxury of 
	massaging our already cozy relationship with Radio One in Iceland.

	I am happy and proud to announce that The Great Eastern is going 
	on the road !

	Starting next week, and continuing on through August, The Great 
	Eastern will be broadcast live from Reykjavik!

	And even bigger news is that we'll have a guest producer for each 
	month of the whole summer.  Brian Eno, long a friend of the show, 
	has been itching to experiment with radio, and we're extremely 
	chuffed to announce he'll be experimenting with us for April.  
	May month sees guest producers The Glimmer Twins - wink wink nudge nudge.

	We hope that Don Was will join us in June, the producer formerly 
	known as Prince is slated for July, and August will see a big 
	send off with Shania Twain's mentor, Mutt Lange, as Bjørk co-hosts 
	with yours truly.  (David Foster?)(George Martin ?)

	It'll be an Icelandic summer to remember here, on The Great Eastern.  
	Join us if you can !

	Goodbye, Canada.  Well, not goodbye, let's say 'so long.'  We hope 
	we'll see you in September !