GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 4: Political Panel
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.

PAUL:	Things have heated up on the civics front, so we have convened our panel 
	on political culture after only two weeks.  With me in the studio, host of 
	BCN's own Show Trial, Ariel Flint.

ARIEL:	Hello.

PAUL:	And polster, pundit and new NAFO...


PAUL:	... appointee, J. Richard Candow.

JR:	Boa tarde.

PAUL:	And joining us on the line from Argentia is Valdmanis Chair of Political 
	Economy at the University of Newfoundland at St. John's, Carl Johnson.

CARL:	Hello Paul.

PAUL:	I take it then, Ariel, you are not a fan of the North Atlantic 
Fisheries Organization.

ARIEL:	The Yakuza, the Cosa Nostra of the high seas.  High Tech pirates ...

JR:	Last time I checked, Ariel, Europe had a fair chunk of Atlantic seaboard.

ARIEL:	And so have the right to plunder the last few fish on the 
	Grand Banks of NEWFOUNDLAND!

PAUL:	For our international audience, I should explain that NAFO, or the 
	North Atlantic Fisheries Organization is a self-policing plunder structure 
	run, essentially, by the continent that gave us two world wars.

ARIEL:	The Third War has already started.  It's a war on the environment.

JR:	Here she goes...

ARIEL:	And the stewards of the North Atlantic fish stocks are war 
	criminals engaged in ... 

JR:	David Anderson is a war criminal!  Art May is a war criminal!  Radavan 
	Karaditch is a war criminal!  Henry Kissinger is a war criminal!  EVERYBODY 
	IS A WAR CRIMINAL! Need I remind you that Canada is getting 97% of the quota ?

PAUL:	So there we are. I mean if we are destoying our own stocks ...

JR:	Here, here!

CARL:	Has anybody ever had a fishwhich -- it's like a fish sandwich---

PAUL:	Moving along then.  A series of editorials in the Globe and Mail calling 
	for the elimination of minimum wage to allow for more low-paying jobs.  
	What are we to make of this?

ARIEL:	It's another fascist free-trade hallucination.


ARIEL:	I challenge William Thorsell, publisher of the Globe and Mail, to come 
	down here and live off minimum wage for one week.

JRICH:	Boring.

ARIEL:	I dare him or any of the gutless wonders on the Globe editorial board 
	to live off 200 bucks a week!

PAUL:	I'd certainly act as an impartial observer, make sure Thorsell doesn't 
	sneak off with his credit card and acquire protein.

JR:	Pinko!

ARIEL:	Come on, Thorsell, make my day!

PAUL:	I don't know how people do it.  Course, where I make, what, almost 
	twice minimum wage, it's not really an issue for me.

JR:	Well let me tell you something MSSS! Flint, the editors of the Globe and 
	Mail may be right-wing lunatics, but they have integrity, they will not 
	shirk this challenge, they aren't afraid, they aren't cowards, they are not yellow.

ARIEL:	They won't show up.  

JR:	They will !

CARL:	I doubt it.

JRICH:	And I tell you something else, Ms. Honourary Pocahontus of the Innu, 
	they'll give you a piece of their mind over these unconscionable delays at 
	Voisey's Bay.

ARIEL:	Why me?

JR:	Because you've used your PUBLICALLY FUNDED programme to support the propositions 
	that mining is somehow bad for the environment, and that there are aboriginal 
	people living in Labrador.

ARIEL:	There are aboriginal people living in Labrador!

JR:	There are not!

ARIEL:	J. Richard.

JR:	Okay, maybe a few.

ARIEL:	Besides, if unconscionable use of the media is at issue, perhaps you should 
	be the one answering questions.

JR:	I'm paid by big business, to stir up anti-enviromentalist, anti-native sentiments. 

PAUL:	And Ariel, it is value for money.  People are blaming the Innu and 
	environmental concerns for joblessness in Newfoundland.

JR:	And another thing, we've got to move quickly on this.  That nickel's not 
	going to be there forever.

ARIEL:	What's going to happen to it?  Is it going to go bad?

JR:	It could.

PAUL:	Really?  I think the plate in my head is nickel.  Anyway, moving on, 
	we are obliged to talk about Canadian Unity, something to do with our license 
	to broadcast in the continental area.	

The English speaking Premiers have made a new offer to Quebec blah, blah, blah.

CARL:	Could I just speak to that issue--

ARIEL:	While I have no respect what-so-ever for the gang of nine, I have to 
	admit they are trying.

JR:	The offer stank!  No wonder Lucien is cracking up.

ARIEL:	What would you have offered Quebec ?

JR:	Me ?  A case of Pepsi and a dime of hash.

PAUL:	We are out of time.  I want to thank Ariel Flint and J Richard Candow 
	for joining me here in the studio, and Carl Johnson, on the line from Argentia.

CARL:	Bye, Paul.

JRICH:	Adeus. 

ARIEL:	Bye Paul.