GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 6: BCN Programming Highlights
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
Hello I'm Rita Molloy with some BCN Programming Highlights.

At one thirty gather the kids around the radio for a trip up 
Gander Bay way to Uncle Jack's Shack.  This week Warden Coombs 
plays truant officer and tries to round up little Esau for some 
Book Learning the Central Pentecostal Board way.  But Uncle Jack 
is talking home schooling and plans on teaching Warden Coombs a 
lesson he'll never forget.  Write out Uh-oh a hundred times on 
Uncle Jack's Shack.

At  4 o'clock this afternoon  its Playlets and  Episode 6 of  
"This Can't be Happening To Me."  This week Dad wakes up in the 
wrong trousers, misses his biopsy and then finds out he owes 
Mr. Gus four and thirty dollars.  How ever will Dad pay?  Mr. 
Gus has a terrible idea.  That's on "This Can't Be Happening To Me."

On  Monday evening at 10 be sure and tune in to "Bombs Away" with  
host Wing Commander Berkley Regular Retired.  This week The Wing 
Commander is joined by Captain Rex Prouse, together they'll question 
French conduct in the last war.  Later, Sergeant Lester Cheeseman 
recalls the special gratitude shown him by a few leggy WRENS when 
he arrived in a war weary Sin John's with twenty two pairs of 
nylons and a rare bottle of Lemon Gin.  As you were, Monday's on 
Bombs Away with Wing Commander Berkley Regular.

A full week of entertaining and informative programming on The 
Broadcasting  Corporation of Newfoundland.  BCN, All Newfoundland Radio