GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 7: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	Not only for their warm hospitality last weekend, but also for 
	their recognition of the work I do promoting the arts and culture of 
	our island home, I gratefully acknowledge and thank the people of 
	Newfoundland's second town Corner Brook, and the professors of fine 
	arts in the university of Newfoundland there.

	And while I'm an avowedly nationalistic townie, and an unapologetic 
	east-ender to boot, I am forced to admit after having spent three days 
	there this week, that Corner Brook is one of the best corners of the 
	province.  My own prejudices about the place were proven wrong time 
	and again as I wandered through its mall, eyeing the shoe store that 
	would do any town proud.  Discount shops abounded.  Food courts were 
	in evidence.  You can even get a taxi in Corner Brook.  Indeed, Mount 
	Pearl would be envious of such cultural wealth.

	And the arts scene there !  Wow! 

	It's been not only my privilege but my job to track and explore the art 
	and culture of Nfld.  I learn something new each time I open this microphone.

	I meet the amazing people who make some of our art, people who keep alive 
	old and dead ways of life, people who remember more than our heritage will 
	ever forget.

	So Corner Brook came as a surprize.

	Postcard-perfect art positively drools off the walls of the local 
	art galleries waiting for the fat wallets of globe-trotting ski bums 
	fresh from the Double Black Diamond (Green Circle?) at Marble Mountain.  
	And the industry is so finely tuned there that if you can't afford a copy 
	from one of the mega-runs of prints - each numbered and signed personally 
	by the artist - you can buy an actual post card of it in the gift shop.  
	Great art, and great business.

	The nightlife, too, is unstoppable.  Well-known local radio personalities 
	and incredible local musicians play tapes and cds at the gorgeous, trendy 
	dance bars there.

	If your taste runs to live music, the hiply-yclept "lounge" at the Holiday 
	Inn stays open until way after eleven in the evening, with piano-stylings 
	of your favourite elevator melodies, or the odd Newfoundland show-tune, 
	or comedy bit. 

	At the theatre, you can do a few laps in the basement pool, or catch a 
	classic on the stage - anything from Simon to Strindberg.

	In short, never have I seen such a little town come up so big.

	Corner Brook, Newfoundland, a community in cultural motion ... I salute you.