GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 8: Paulitorial
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.
PAUL:	I'm continually amazed by the response people 
	have to our show.

	This summer, what with all the hoopla surrounding John Cabot; the 
	discovery of vast mineral reserves in the unspoiled parts of the 
	province, and thus the insane lure of overnight riches, people 
	jammed the streets of our fair city.

	You wouldn't believe what manner of stunned crusader stumbled in 
	through the doors of our establishment, suffering from brain 
	heat or swollen dogs, looking for some respite from their endeavors.

	Some were dumfounded that we ... exist, that the BCN is a hive of 
	broadcast activity.

	Not for the first time did we wonder about the naiveté of the 
	unsunblocked tourist, out of his or her natural element.

	But through the foyer and up the stairs they trooped, gangs of 
	them in the elevators, huddled hordes of them in the jury-rigged 
	bleachers on our soundstages, starry-eyed at the sight of Rita 
	Molloy going about her day's work, rubbing up against the physically 
	gifted Erling Biggs, bowled over by the official calm and stately 
	air that surrounds Ish Lundrigan, ga-ga at the precision and professional 
	carriage of Irene Synyard, our general secretary.

	And the questions they had !  About the fish in the pond, the birds 
	on the roof, the lack of security, the cafeteria, the washrooms, 
	the flags, the colours, the noise, the friendly folk quick with a 
	laugh, the deeply unsettling perfume of this once abbatoir.

	We missed a great opportunity by not putting a query box in the lobby 
	or something like that, because I can't remember all the questions. 
	That's why we instituted our annual Listeners Letters section, to 
	allow you to write us a considered note or postcard or e-mail message 
	asking us a question about what it is we do here, how we do it, 
	anything associated with our international broadcast.

	The response has been heartening.

	Naturally, we won't be able to read all the inquiries on the air, 
	nor will we be answering them personally.  But we will pick the 
	representative ones and the interesting ones and do something about it !

	The Great Eastern Annual Listeners Letters Show !  Mark that important 
	date on your calendar.  November ... 8th is it, Hollis ?

HOLLIS:	That's right, Paul, November 8th.