GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 8: BCN Programming Highlights
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.

PAULA: Hello, I'm Paula Doody, sitting in for Rita Molloy. Here are some BCN programming highlights for the coming week. On Tuesday at 4:00 PM, join Chub and Stub Laracy for "Variety Meats." This week: playing chicken with best before dates; wacky sausage stylings that have tongues wagging in Clarenville; whole pig pickling at Goobies; and a new product name has meant big business for the makers of cow spread. The best of grub with Chub and Stub on "Variety Meats." Thursday evening at 9:00, it's a jazzalicious wank on "Hangin'" with Kyle West. Kyle takes it out with hair historian Roxanne Hunter looking at "do's" of the Jazz World. Yes, bad hair and jazz go back all the way to New Orleans and Neck-Roll Morris, then on through the bowl jobs of be-bop, up to the bo-peep curls and strange 'parts' of early fusion. Back to the head, this week on "Hangin'," with Kyle West. On Friday night at 11, Max "Manhattan" Noftall brings you "The Light Fantastico", live from the Tiki Meow Lounge of the Hotel Palmer Hotel. Former member of the Newfoundland Bar, Bunker Whitten, is back to help Max with a second identity - hint, it's Panamanian. Time also for the annual rating of local escort services, there's a new number one. And members of the Jacuzzi group from last week are urged to pass the penicillin, Max brings us the bad news on "The Light Fantastico". A full week of informative and entertaining programming on B.C.N., all Newfoundland Radio.