GE 1997-8 Season 4 Episode 9: Pomo the Sailorman
Note: this is not a transcript, but a working draft of the script, so there may be differences in the aired version.


PAUL:	Time was, a tattoo labelled one a rebel, an outsider.  It was the 
	mark of hooliganism, sign of a jailbird, brand of the brigand, stamp 
	of the harlot.  

	Now, all measure of wannabe and poseur is inclined to have some 
	ridiculous symbol or message punched permanently into their dermis, 
	to check their watch and forever note they were once such a devoted 
	fan of the group "Bung" that they had the name of the band etched 
	into their knuckles.

	The hottest skin scriptorium in this Burg is POMO THE SAILORMAN - 
	Postmodern Tattooing.  


PAUL:	It's here that the cool and desperate to be cool of North America's 
	oldest city come for their personal intaglio.  The man they seek, Cameron 
	Pardy, the first local needle and ink sensation since Edwin "Fats" 
	Jackman hung up the spike in '89.


CAM:	In here, behind the curtain.


PAUL:	(gasp) Oh excuse me, I'll just ...

DIANE:	No, it's okay, I'm from Ontario, we're allowed.  Really, it's fine.

PAUL:	You sure?  Great ... well, call me old fashioned, but ever 
	since I was a teenager I've been fascinated by women's breasts. 

CAM:	Diane's a graduate student up at UNSJ, right?


PAUL:	Your arena, Mademoiselle?

DIANE:	Comparative Literature.

PAUL:	There's a growth field for you.  Now, Diane, what are you 
	having done?

DIANE:	I'm having brackets put on either side of my breasts, and a 
	forward slash in between.

PAUL:	Your own design ?

DIANE:	No, I've seen it before.  I'm quoting another tattoo.

CAM:	Yeah, I've done four or five of these.

PAUL:	I guess the days of "Forever Wendy" and "Keep on Truckin'" 
	are gone.

CAM:	Long gone, Paul.  But you're right that a lot of people are 
	doing their own designs.

PAUL:	I'm guessing mostly people who, with very little design sense, 
	noodle out something on a piece of paper and bring it to you.

CAM:	Yeah.  Lots of pseudo celtic gobbledegook, or faux eastern stuff.

PAUL:	To be endlessly added on until one day it's an unintelligable mess?

CAM:	For sure.

	Well that's it, Diane.  Waddya think ?

DIANE:	Oh, ya !  Looks great, Cameron ! What do you think, Paul?

PAUL:	It's certainly got focus.


DIANE:	My post-modernist aesthetics seminar is in for a surprise.
	See you again, soon, Cameron.

CAMERON:	Any time.


PAUL:	An educated woman getting tattooed.  Wow, times are changing.  
	What other types of people do you have coming in?

CAM:	Lots of young kids, some older adventurers, but really a very 
	middle class bunch. 

PAUL:	Fewer beefy Navy types than in the past?

CAM:	Yeah, I'd love to do one of those anchors.  Come on, Paul, 
	I'll give you a freebie.

PAUL:	The anchor? ... Nah?

CAM:	Whatever you want.  "Mother?"

PAUL:	Mixed feelings in the Mom department, Cameron.  Maybe that's 
	the problem, I don't know that there's an image I could live with 

CAM:	Why don't you have like a contest get listeners to make 
	suggestions ?

PAUL:	Poll the Canadian public to see what message they would like 
	permanently inked on my flesh?  Cameron, you have no idea what 
		nature of mail we receive.

CAM:	Come on.

PAUL:	Well ... why not!  Okay companeros, send your suggestion for 
	the Paul Moth Tattoo to, Tattoo, The Great Eastern, 342 Duckworth St., 
	St. John's, Nfld. A1C 1H5.  It can be hand drawn, or a photograph, or 
	a word or words, a slogan.  Whatever.  You can also e-mail your thoughts 
	on that subject to us, our electronic address is

	And if we use your design, we'll send you free Great Eastern tee-shirt.