The Great Eastern
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LA police lineup shot of Paul Moth

Paul as the mystery guest on Front Page Challenge

Paul is revealed...


Listener's Letters
From GE November 14, 1998

“Following an armed standoff with Los Angeles police, a Canadian citizen working in Hollywood as a screen and television writer was shot six times. Soon after he was expelled from the country. Please welcome Paul Moth....” Fred Davis introduces mystery guest Paul Moth on a classic Front Page Challenge episode. Includes Paul's confrontation with Pierre Berton: “What about about your dirty book, Pierre...why don't we talk about that?”

“We're doing listener's letters here, and somebody wanted to know if I'd heard from you lately...”
“Oh you have...and you will...”
Paul and Avril Benoit are ... good friends...

“The substance we burn up here is more properly referred to as 'lignite' doesn't burn that easily.” Listeners ask, and we answer: all the details about what the BCN burns in its coal-fired generator.

“Wait, I remember...Bill Cameron...El Grande Cameron...the Big Shrimp...he was the Agency's man in Guadalajara!” Paul responds to a question about notes in his file describing him as an "Agency Asset”.

“Isn't everybody attracted to a pleasant pump, a beautiful boot, a slimming sandal...or a whacky Vivian Westwood...” Listeners ask about Paul's penchant for women's footwear.