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Nov. 4, 2004

“It’s okay, Erling, you’re just having a nervous breakdown.”

Erling on the Funks

Welcome to Season Five. And do we ever take a chunk out of Season Five this week — four new episodes and three episodes redigitized with added textual material.

Synopses, and some scripts, for the new shows are on the Season Five page. Episodes 1, 2, 4 and 8 are new. Episode 1 has, of course, the annual Apologies and Clarifications section. Rock Hiscock should get his own website...

That fluorine-in-solution is an agent of 
Hypno-Zombification remains in contention and 
is not, as stated by Mr. Hiscock, a well-established 

Junior Achievers are an organization dedicated 
to promoting entrepreneurial skills in young people, 
and not, as Mr. Hiscock suggested...something else 

Episode 2 has the memorable genealogy of Paul Moth piece, including the wax cylinder recording of The Crofter’s Rebellion (“A curse upon you, Moth of Ucker”). I laugh every time I hear that. What can I say? Sometimes the best laughs are cheap.

Episode 4, besides bringing us Wordworks and a Blaine Hart piece, explains why Paul’s image is being used on the Apple “Think Different” ad campaign.

Episodes 5 and 6 are not new to this site, but the tapes have been redigitized and reprocessed at higher quality. Episode 6 is the great Funk Island show, from which we take our headline this week. The part (and photo) of Erling Biggs is played by Jamie Fitzpatrick.

Episode 7 has been available for a while, but again, I’ve redigitized the tape.

Episode 8 is new. It’s the Halloween episode from that season, and Paul finds a mysterious vault within The Vault. There’s also a surprise after the outro.... This show also has one of my favourite Interred promos: “Someday Scooter You'll Be Dead Too.”

The shows...

Season 5, Episode 1
Season 5, Episode 2
Season 5, Episode 4
Season 5, Episode 5
Season 5, Episode 6
Season 5, Episode 7
Season 5, Episode 8