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Oct. 21, 2004

“I seen him leave the motel with a wheel of cheese and an axle jack...”

It’s a pity I don’t have a good photograph of Robin Hood Bay, just on the outskirts of St. John’s. If it weren’t for the millions of tons of garbage, it would be a very pretty sight. The dump sits in a natural bowl of land on a cliff near the ocean — a perfect spot for the Osborne Art Gallery, whose architect is interviewed in Episode 23 of Season 4 (Feb. 7, 1998), which we bring you this week. In order to blend with the landscape, the building is constructed completely out of garbage — Tuscan garbage to be precise. We hear more of the gallery two weeks later in Episode 25 (Feb. 21, 1998), when Paul tours the now-open gallery, seeing great works from the Newfoundland Socialist Realism School and, of course, the “vegetative form of performance artist Ned Brocklehurst”. “It was,” says Paul, “I believe this...the very greatest thing I have ever seen.”

More treats from Episode 23: In the first two-and-a-half minutes we hear Paul and a control room technician idly chatting, unaware they are on the air. The tech’s phone call is hilarious:

TECH:	BCN master control....How are ya?...
	Get out! Get Out! No...
	Yeah, OK. Second now...
	0819 ... yup ... Bowlaroo...Bowlaroo.
	Ya. Seeya.
[Hangs up.]

PAUL:	Who's that?
TECH:	Brother-in-law. He's a dickhead.

And our headline this week comes from the short promo from Party Line, the BCN snitch and gossip phone-in show: “CALLER 3: He’s down there now, putting them in a brim bag.”

Episode 22 (Jan. 31, 1998) has been up for a while, but the recording is new, and of higher quality. It's a repeat of the magnificent Season Three show, The Newfoundland Radio Awards. The recording from the rebroadcast was better than the one I had up, but missing a bit at the beginning, so I've combined the two into a single file. It's identical to the original Season Three broadcast, so there is no need to duplicate it for Season Four.

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Season 4, Episode 22
Season 4, Episode 23
Season 4, Episode 25

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