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Nov. 26, 2004

“I’m afraid I’m not up on your old Cambridge traditions, sir.”

Bullseye Mystery Theatre

Elmer Collins, Ham Operator is our feature this week, the splendid BCN wartime radio drama. Episode 18 is a full-length broadcast of the classic serial from the Vault. Besides being hilarious, the attention to detail in the production is astounding. Listen, for example, to the point midway when the tape breaks, producing a curious slapping sound. And the dialog:

Elmer: 	And remember, loose lips sink ships.
Bonnie: Is that what they do, Elmer?
Elmer: 	Yes, they sink ships.
Bonnie:	Big ships?
Bonnie:	Well if you ever get bored, I've got a 
	ham you can operate on.

C’mon. It’s funny stuff.

Also this week

Episode 15 (Dec. 19, 1998) is a Christmas disk-spin show with four autobiographic tales from Paul, including the BCN Christmas party and the incident in the donkey costume. Episode 16 (Dec. 26, 1998) is a repeat of the Carlos, Duke of Portugal show from season three. Episode 17 (Jan. 2, 1999) has more Christmas tales, this time featuring the great bit on Paul's participation in the John and Yoko Bed-in in Montreal in 1969. Also, the poignant reunion with Shirley Jones in Mexico.

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