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Sept. 10, 2004

“So put your shoes on! There is something good in them!”

Gerry Porter

Good Morning, peoples of Canada, and bonjour Newfoundland, gudin daginn Iceland. Welcome back to the new Great Eastern website, spiffed up, buffed and polished for your enjoyment.

The core pages have been redesigned according to web standards, using valid XHTML for markup and CSS for layout. No more tables or spacers! Repeating elements are included via php, which simplifies a lot of the coding, giving me more time for actual content.

And what content we have! As of this writing, I have every single Great Eastern episode digitized. Seasons one, two and three are complete and already posted. Over the next few months, I'll be posting the remaining shows from seasons four and five, as I gather script material and ephemera from the archives. The text synopses of the shows from season three are now complete as well as links to any script documents. Many, many typos and sloppy coding have been corrected, and many broken links fixed.

Completists will note some changes in the naming conventions used for MP3 files, at least for seasons four and five. I put in many hours of close textual analysis to reconstruct the broadcast schedules for those seasons. The episode numbering scheme I tended to use on my cassette tapes (remember cassettes?) usually skipped repeat shows. But the files in the script archives numbered shows according to week, whether it was a repeat or not. So I have adopted that system, renumbering files and folders accordingly and noting in the guide if the show is a repeat, linking back to the original, if I know what it is.

Also, to simplify matters, I have eliminated the Real Media files from the episode guides, leaving only the highest quality MP3's I have, and occasionally other formats submitted by fans. The RM files were of inferior quality, and I don't run a streaming server anymore.

So sit back and enjoy. Remember, "It's new, it's now, it's here, it's you, it's me, it's big time entertainments! ... If it happens at Iceland, hoha, you will be hearing it about here."

- Gerry Porter