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What's a Town Beat! anyway?

Town Beat!, televised Jan. 23, 2004, was a pilot for a series developed in 2000 by the principal creative team that brought you CBC Radio's cult favourite show The Great Eastern for five years: Mack Furlong, Steve Palmer and Ed Riche. The show wasn't picked up but GE fans will recognize many of the leitmotifs and subversive humour of The Great Eastern in Town Beat!

Most of the content of this website was developed during the production of the pilot either specifically for the site or for use in the show. Funding for development was provided by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council as part of the Newtel-Arts Council Cultural Innovation Fund.

Townbeat was produced by Mary Sexton of Rink Rat Productions.

Town Beat! Your Eye on You!

[Text of a pitch document for Town Beat!]

Paul Moth hosts Town Beat!, a magazine-style show on civic affairs and culture produced at Cable 62, the community channel in the fictional town of Burgton, a medium-sized, middle Canadian municipality known for its once great arts college and its extra-maximum security prison... [more]

New Host for TownBeat!

Cal Weston, Cable 62 Station Manager, has announced that Paul Moth has taken over as host of the Cable 62 flagship cultural affairs program, TownBeat! Paul is a former host of the The Great Eastern, on the Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland. ... [more]

A Brief History of Burgton and Surrounding Cederdale County

Before the arrival of the Europeans, the greater Cederdale area was inhabited by the Chippekwanee people. Unusual among indigenous people, the Chippekwanee subsisted as performers, specializing in the ritual gaggam for neighbouring tribes of greater importance, in particular the fierce Tuskaweejees ... [more]

Postcards from the Greater Cedardale Area

Three of the great sights from our region, as featured on Townbeat! Your Eye on You! ... [more]

Gary and Dick

Our call for photos and anecdotes about holes in the Greater Cedardale Area was certainly heeded. Tune in this week as station manager Cal Weston shows you what Gary and Dick Baker found near the gypsum pit near Camp 7 in 1961... [more]

Jazz Age Burgton

Stills used in the Jazz Age Burgton piece, including the original photo shoot. The intrepid costume department actually manufactured corncob hats, canoe shoes and shoulder pants... [more]

The Hardy Men

Never used in the pilot, these pictrues were intended for a review of Delbert Onglow's update on the Hardy Boys - The Hardy Men: The Bayport Closet Case. I manufactured a book cover and three illustrations for the piece.[more]

Municipal Omnibus

Twelve-second animation for the Municipal Omnibus section of the show.[more]

Famous painting of Paul
Famous Bacon painting of Paul Moth in the Townbeat! studio.
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This week on Townbeat!

Paul and the gang review the Au Gratin, latest novel from Jean-Phillipe Beauchemin Laplante. Ou-la-la!
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