My good pal Wallace Ryan and I spent the summer of 1979 – I was 16 and just finished high school – creating a 40-page comic book inspired by our love of comics in general and specifically the new French adult comic magazine Metal Hurlant and it’s English counterpart Heavy Metal.


Cover drawing by me of my existential hero Ira Zappa.


Obviously I was influenced by Mœbius, but who wasn’t? Wallace was —an is — a much more knowledgeable and accomplished comic book artist and has taught comix art for years at the Anna Templeton Center. This one below seems to owe a little to Philippe-Druillet.


From Khan: The Last Invisible Wizard, by Wallace Ryan.


we were interviewed by CBC radio for the first and more modest issue of this this little venture, which came out the previous year.

PDF for online viewing [26 MB]: zeitgeist2_150dpi

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