Found comment poetry

Found comment poetry No. 13
A bunch of
bunch that cannot even get along
with themselves and leave Canadians
at risk.

And closing down the busiest coast guard station in Canada
while attempting to increase port traffic is the height
of stupidity

Found comment poetry No. 14
excuse me
but it does say he went
for a psyciatric assessment
soo he could be going threw
some issues
you dont know what
this man has been going threw

Found comment poetry No. 15
A bunch of Artsy
Fartsy’s living off my tax
dollars. Get REAL jobs!

Found comment poetry No. 16
This Has Got To Be A Joake,
Anyone Who Do Not Like It
Then Move Somewhere Else

And The Wimpy School Trustees
Should Look For A Seat In The Senate
Where They Have To Do Nothing
And Take All The Money That They Can,

I Am Sick Of Those People
Who Are So Offended,
Now I Am Offended
And Every Catholic Should Be Offended,

Let Them Go To Human Rights Or Where Ever Else They Want To Go
But The Cross Stays.

Found comment poetry No. 17
an AK-47 is a gun
that only gangs have
in this country
then shoots up the wrong house, wow

drug wars on the rock wow

Found comment poetry No. 18
The only morality these days
is to make money.

Things are getting Dickensian.

Found comment poetry No. 19
runém all
out of town
on a rail.

Hound the drug dealers
so they cannot
so business.

Follow them
and make their lives

Found comment poetry No. 20
The teachers
and the teacher’s unions
need a damn good bashing,
a relentless bashing.

And then, the teacher’s unions
and all public unions
(not private sector unions)
need to be crushed, de-certified
and/or relegated to safety issues only
and/or chased right out of the country.

Then the teachers
need to be governed
with an iron fist
and if they don’t like it they can quit
or be FIRED!!!

Found comment poetry No. 21
If Danny says
He’ll make
It happen,
He will!!

Found comment poetry No. 22
in the senate
abolish Harper.

Found comment poetry No. 23
Will this
cell tower
block my
view of the

Found comment poetry No. 24
I’m glad to hear
the Lebatt is getting on
just fine without these
crybabies in the fold.
You’re just a spoke on the wheel,
the wheel will continue to turn
without you.

Found comment poetry No. 25
Like someone else said,
your home in your bed

while these people are keeping
the streets clear so ungreatfull
people like you.

Pay them more!!

Found comment poetry No. 26
Give me an f’ing break!!!!
They can’t catch real criminals…

drug pushers,
and assaulters

unless crimestoppers gets involved.
All they are capable of doing are catching speeders!
Make no wonder everyone hates police officers of any type

Found comment poetry No. 27
Mr McLeod,
There more and important things
you should be writing about,
then the false liberal leadership race.

Do article on the people of the province who are losing their home.
going hunger and cold,

I’m talking about people who work all their life,
just to lose everything though dishonesty politician,

trying to tell the people we are there for you,
when everyone know it not true,

Found comment poetry No. 28
we can get
the city moving

all those hippies
and trouble makers.

Found comment poetry No. 29
Well Isn”t
This Cruel & Unusual Punishment,
Lawyers Policing Themselves,
How About 5 Years
In Kingston Pen,
What A Joake?

Found comment poetry No. 30
Fracking is scary.
What’s with the pizza delivery guy
Getting robbed of one thousand dollars in cash?
It’s crazy to carry that much money.

Found comment poetry No. 31 [GTA edition]
He is doing
prefect job
and I do not care
what he dose
on his privet life.

It is the code
in the world
any body stops
the thieves in city
size of Toronto

will have media
to dig his
or her

Found comment poetry No. 32
Rob Mayor Ford
You can do this,
look at Charlie Sheen?
He was way worse
and got it together

and is better than
He ever was.
Go Robbie Go!

CBC Toronto: “Rob Ford ready to face motion calling for him to take leave”

Found comment poetry No. 33
lets see,
marriage definition,
baby definition,
terrorism definition,
(justin’s dictatorship definition),.
these are all changed.

why does the liberal agenda
have an infatuation with altering
words meaning and essentially history?

and now they are after the bible.
that the bible was translated not to mean
what people thought it meant for 1000’s of years.

we really are in the end times,
when demonic spirits overcome the earth.
well you can have it,

i dont see anywonderful marvels
in modern humanity
worth saving.

Found comment poetry No. 34
Don’t say much about
Dwight Ball Leadership ABILITY,
if he feel that the liberal party,

Got to take every turn coat in,
to try and form the next government,
If the liberals do take them in.

Far as I’m concern
they should APOLOGY
to Cathy Bennett,

For trying to say,
she not a true liberal.
She more a liberal, then those two.

The Telegram: “Kirby, Mitchelmore put in corner, but don’t mind”

Found comment poetry No. 35
What a sad week.
First Paul Walker
and now

Found comment poetry No. 36
I tried to get
a job at McDonalds,

Why the heck
would they require you

to have a grade 12?
It’s so not fair!

CBC: “McDonald’s rolls out poutine across Canada”

Found comment poetry No. 37
Ford is the best all you tax thieves and scamming parasites can go to #ell.
Ford is the best all you tax thieves and scamming parasites can go to #ell.Ford is the best you
tax thieves and scamming para
sites can go to #ell.

Globe & Mail: “Stintz takes shot at Ford over ice storm”

Found comment poetry No. 38
The solution is simple.
They owe money for
bad driving, parking offenses,
etc. suspend their driving
license, impound their vehicles,
keep them frthese people
show no sense of
responsibility so

CBC NL: “Illegal drivers drive up outstanding fines to 30m”

Found comment poetry No. 39
How convenient,
the thumbs up
and down’s
are rigged !!!!

pro homosexual
comments. Who hacked
the Globe and Mail.

Globe & Mail: “Anti-gay pastor is travelling with Harper’s delegation in Israel”

Found comment poetry No. 40
Wynne, Kathy,
Christy, Alison,

they have had their chance.
Time to get the men
back in charge

CBC NL: “Kathy Dunderdale to step down as NL premier”

Found comment poetry No. 41
The Harper
is also

Globe & Mail: “Envoys says Canada-Mexico relationship stagnant as Harper visit looms”

Found comment poetry No. 42
Siobhan Coady
Wasn”t In Long Enough
To Collect A Pension
And She Is An Authority;

What A Joake,
All Of Those Floor Crosers Should Have To Face
A Bye-Election Imediately,

They Are Having Fun On Taxpayers Money
As If It Were There Own,

Danny What A Mess
You Created

CBC NL: “NDP support may weaken in wake of Liberal surge”

Found comment poetry No. 43
blah blah blah BLAH.
That is all I heard.
One thing I liked is:
they will start to get things straight

they year of an election.

CBC: “Jim Flaherty backs away from income-splitting promise”

Found comment poetry No. 44
Actuall, the Liberals are
than the Conservatives.

Borh parties cater to
the filthy rich 1%
and the corporation

they run

CBC: “Justin Trudeau gives liberal convention red meat rhetoric on Senate reform”

Found comment poetry No. 45
To many people
with hans out
to Gov for $$$

and to many people
in Gov with hands in
to $$$

no win for tax payers

CBC NL: “Slum landlords pocketing social assistance money for rent”

Found comment poetry No. 46
thanks much ,jim
, great job
, down deep
, the lefties know you were doing the rite thing
..good luck
..all the best ..

CBC: “Jim Flaherty, federal finance minister, leaves cabinet”

Found comment poetry No. 47
Free-market capitalism IS
The best path to prosperity.
At least it was until about 50 years
When the socialists took over and now
Everyone gets cheque.

Wat sucks for all you cheque receivers is this
the cheque will soon bounce –
then what? You gonna barbecue
Your union boss or social worker
For supper?

Found comment poetry No. 48
I personally blame
Reimer’s inability
to score 2 goals tonight

as the main reason
for the loss.

Found comment poetry No. 49
Imagine if the news
knew every little stupid thing
everyone was involved in.

We’d all look like

The Telegram: “Jason English is man found dead in Virginia River”

Found comment poetry No. 50
Like a case
of the Herps…

he’ll keep coming back
to burn you.

Found comment poetry No. 51
Next election,
Time to Cathy the boot,
before we find ourselves
in real trouble.

with this lady.

The Telegram: “Nalcor chairman defends company conflict-of-interest rules”

Found comment poetry No. 52
Sell your home.
Build a shanty
on some piece of land
with a wood stove.

grow your own vegetables
and buy a solar panel.

By the time this jig is up
you won’t have a pot
to pee in.

The Telegram: “Coleman defends PC record, attacks Ball”

Found comment poetry No. 53
What these people need
Are more hugs,
More programs

and most of all
Much more taxpayer money.

CBC Toronto: “Rexdale ‘running gun battle’ injuring 4 leaves residents in fear”

Found comment poetry No. 54
Very interesting!
Not that I blame him.
Who wants to go captain
on a sinking ship?

CBC NL: “Frank Coleman nixes move to politics, premier’s office”

Found comment poetry No. 55
Who do
these people
think they

Found comment poetry No. 56
We Need Some Fresh Blood Like Bill Barry,
Not Some Washed Up Lame Duck
Trying To Score Yet Another Pension,

Or Someone Full Of P & Viniger That Danny Do Not Own.
I Would Be Happy With Loyola Sullivan,

Just My Taughts.

CBC NL: “John Ottenheimer officially enters PC leadership race”

Found comment poetry No. 57
If the weather
wasn’t rigged,

conditions would
be variable by now

as opposed to
one month of

temperatures above
25 degrees.

Found comment poetry No. 58
The comments section
needs to be fixed
in this paper.

Too many anonymous cowards
just criticising
for the sake of criticising.

I’ve lived all over the world
and can attest to the fact that
Newfoundlanders are the hardest people to please

because they enjoy misery
like an old dog
treasures it’s dirty blanket.

The Telegram: “Most MHAs are paid thousands extra for side jobs”

Found comment poetry No. 59
Holy Shit,
I Live So Close To There
And I’m Home With My Sister
And Cousin
And We Heard All The Police
And Ambulance Going Mad,
I Locked All The Doors
And I Hope He’s Going To Be

The Telegram: “UPDATE: C.B.S. stabbing now attempted murder case”

Found comment poetry No. 60
Look what happened
the last time
NL had a premier
who sported
horn-rimmed glasses…

CBC NL: “On Point: Paul Davis on his rocky first week”

Found comment poetry No. 61
It just
gets worse
and worse.

Globe & Mail: “Public servants asked to promote Conservative tax proposal on Twitter”

Found comment poetry No. 62
and waddling
to the trough
to roll

and gobble
in it..

Globe & Mail: “Former Harper adviser named new OLG chief”

Found comment poetry No. 63
8 lousy seats
big freakin deal,
should have been
28 seats.

CBC NL: “All-nighter leads to deal to cut House of Assembly seats to 40”

Found comment poetry No. 64
Harper is a political genius who wins all the time.
If the liberals had listened to Harper
and sent Canadian troops when United States
invaded Iraq to bring democracy and human rights
to an oppressed people,
today we did not have to fight ISIS.

Found comment poetry No. 65
wah wah wah wah
do you liberals like sheila
ever shut your traps

I never hear of any mens group
complaining that a commission
is all women

shelia your a sexist

Found comment poetry No. 65
Tell me,
is Jim Prentice middle name
Fracis as in
House of Cards (Netflix)??

She must feel like a chump.
Will have to email congratulations to
Jim and Danielle.

You could see this one coming a long time ago.

Found comment poetry No. 66
A marvelous benefit for the people of Nfld.
360 new long term care spaces.
An innovative program by Paul to achieve dramatic results.
Forward Together.

Found comment poetry No. 67
Too bad
someone in an F350
didn’t plough through
the driver’s door.

That would
have been
at his finest.

CBC NL: “Corvette does donuts on Kenmount Road, scares drivers, upsets car group”

Found comment poetry No. 68
At the end
of the day

the people
and the voters

of Avalon get
to decide on


The Telegram: “Andrews feeling confident in Avalon”

Found comment poetry No. 69
This is what happens
when you let
truly stupid people
have too much power.

CBC: “Postmedia execs pocketed $1M in bonuses as company slashed jobs”

Found comment poetry No. 70
Thanks Danny,
Kathy, Tom,
Jerome, Ed
and gang
for really screwing our province.
Well done!

The Telegram: “It’s official: Muskrat Falls is a millstone”

Found comment poetry No. 71
cover up
U can smell it a mile away
sham smoke and mirrors
deflection of truth
worst cost
taxpayers another
1/2 million bucks

The Telegram: “AG undaunted by swirling controversy in Martin severance affair”