This is a complete searchable archive of all Gerry’s tweets. Gerry was an enthusiastic adopter of social media, and was well-known on Facebook for his jokes and photos. But he was most prolific on Twitter, posting 27,800 times between 2012 and 2016 with his main account @ficklesonance. He also ran the humorous alt-accounts @NewfKarlMarx@harperstemper, and (in collaboration with good friend and fellow crank Ed Riche), Coco Cabrera.

The Great Eastern

The Great Eastern was a satirical radio program broadcast on the CBC from 1994 to 1999, created by Gerry’s friends Ed Riche, Steve Palmer, and Mack Furlong. Presented as “Newfoundland’s cultural magazine”, the show used absurd deadpan humour to develop an elaborate alternate-universe version of Newfoundland and a memorable cast of bizarre characters. Gerry created the graphics, posters, and web content for the show. He also built and maintained this online archive which features all the episodes downloadable in high quality, plus lots of bonus content.

McGee Calendars

From 1998 to 2015, Gerry designed the annual calendar for his wife Debbie’s family.  Each cover would have a goofy and topical photoshop of Bob and Janette McGee and their seven children. Christmas hasn’t been the same without them.

News Haiku

Gerry’s popular haiku, written for Facebook in response to events in the news from 2014-2015.

Found comment poetry

Gerry inserted line breaks to create “found art” poetry from online comments on NL and Canadian news stories.