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Dec. 3, 2004

“It’s a post-junctionist poetics really.”

Millenium On-ramp

We are in the home stretch. This week, we add one new episode and tidy up a few already posted-episodes. Episode 19 (Jan. 16, 1999) features an interview with Traffic Czar Carl Piercey, a piece for which we created a page at the time. Piercey’s po-mo gobbledygook will be familiar to anyone who’s ever taken a theory course: “My early research was on the Anglo-German debate between expressism and arterialism.”

Another gem in this show is Lawrence Royce-Hiscock’s brief exchange with Arc Welder, which is a small masterpiece of comic timing:

How much simpler can simple get?  German conceptual designer, 
Arc Welder, shocked the fashion world by reducing the logo-look 
to its minimalist essence.

LARRY:	You are a simple designer - maybe the simplest ever - 
but is this too simple?

WELDER:	My goal has always been to make an absolutely pure 
statement, so this is perfect.

LARRY:	You just buy the logo?  Nothing else?

WELDER:	Ja, just the label.

LARRY:	Designer nothing.

WELDER:	Designer nothing.

LARRY:	I'm speechless.



Episodes 20 through 24 had already been posted, but I've fleshed out the synopses, sorted out the rolls, and added what few scraps of scripts I could find in the archives, including this delight from the BCN Programming Highlights in Episode 24:

On Friday night at nine, join host Darren Tucker for 
"Mysteries of Newfoundland". This week, Darren investigates 
the Town of Twins. Inexplicably, Grand Falls - Windsor 
has the highest rate of twin births in the semi-industrialized 
world.  While in central, Darren visits the Bog People of 
Tilley's Brook.  Who are they, when did they go bog, and just 
what do they expect to find at Tilley's Brook?  That's 
Mysteries of Newfoundland, Friday.

I’ve also sorted out the mess caused by the CBC strike in the spring of 1999, which killed seven weeks in the schedule. New shows pick up on April 10th, when we have episode 24 succeeding episode 23 on February 13th. There are only two more episodes to post to complete the package!

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