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Amongst these pages are many of the original pages from the old website, as it developed through the years, so there are a great variety of designs. I've tried to reconcile the links on those pages to the current naming structure, so no links are broken... gp.

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Paul Moth's St. John's
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Biography: Ariel Flint
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Paul Moth: Biographical Notes
Paul Moth: Hip, but Humbled
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Sir Freeman Alderdice Crotty: 1910-1997
Promo for UNSJ episode
Apologies and Clarifications 1997
Apologies and Clarifications 1998
Little Billy Penton's Christmas in the Mines
BCN Coal-fired Generator page
Jan Peter Moth of Ucker
The Crofter's Rebellion of 1742
Ogay Uckfay Ourselfyay: Paul's UNSJ Honorary Degree
Oougubomba: Legacies of Newfoundland's Colonial Misadventure
Darkest Oougubomba...(Map)
Miles Davis: The Bummer Years: A BCN Jazzumentary Special
Traffic Czar Carl Piercey and the Millenium On-ramp
Great Eastern on CBC (press release)
Paul - Tattoo appeal
Thinks to Do (Tattoo results)
The Great Eastern: Think Different
Une ville flottante
The Great Wooly Beast
Community Announcements and Programming Highlights
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American Wavelength: The BCN
Paul's Christmas Tales, 1998
Autobiographical tales from Paul Moth: January 2, 1999
Listener's Letters 1998
Moose Hunting Journal
Gander's Man of Song
The Funks
Graphic oddments
Uncle Jack's Shack (fan art from Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki)
Paul Trapped in the Radio
Great Eastern Icons
The award-winning Furlong's Knob!
Vote Brisco of Zorbon
Talking Bubbles
Paul and Johnny Carson
Newfoundlanders taking over CBC
Cahiers du Cinema with Paul on cover
Think Different ad (alternate)
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Front Page Challange with Paul and panelists
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Paul and Avril - Is it over?
GE back on Canadian airwaves
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Paul with John and Yoko
Back to School banner
Paul and Morris Jesso with Pearl Jam
Merry Christmas (Paul as Santa)
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Radio Free Bombah (fan art)
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The Maple Leafs: Satan's Minions
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What's that Noise from Newfoundland?
The great Great Eastern Playlist - 1998-99
The great Great Eastern Playlist - 1997-98
I can't believe it's a T-shirt!
Real Life
The Great Eastern Creative Team
GE Crew (l-r) Steve Palmer, Glen Tilley, Mack Furlong, Ed Riche
The Usual Suspects (l-r Steve Palmer, Ed Riche, Mack Furlong, Gerry Porter, Glen Tilley)
Bonanza group photo(l-r)Steve, Ed, Glen, Mack
Steve as Roger Greeley
Mack as Paul Moth
Donation to Center for Newfoundland Studies
Ed as Coco Cabrera
Contributing Performers to the Great Eastern
A word from the creators of The Great Eastern

Selections from the "haircut" photo shoot (April 1998); pix taken while Mack got his hair cut progressively shorter.

Paul in LA
...as Jan Peter Moth of Ucker
Mid-70's with Sonny Bono Haircut
"In the Corners" Paul
The Auteur (Mexican film career)
Funk Islands Paul