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Department of bad advertising

The ad that never was...

Images from Great Eastern TV Ad

When The Great Eastern went from a summer replacement program to a regular season Saturday show, a couple of TV spots were done up to promote the program.

They never made it to air.

Not entirely pleased with the effort, the TV spots was nixed, although there were some print ads done up by the PR department when the team won a radio writing award.

Anyway, here’s the 30 second version of the ad. The others were just shorter versions of the same thing. You can catch a glimpse at the end of Mack, Steve, Ed and Glen tossing hombergs in the air.

AVI (4.5 MB)
MPEG (4.2 MB)

Department of bad vactions

The show that never was...

Check this out: a complete Great Eastern script for a show that was never produced, much less aired. This was a season five show and only parts of it were recorded. Season five was the last GE season and was also interrupted by a CBC strike. In this scipt, Paul gets a Last Minute Club ticket to Cancan, thinking it’s Cancun; misadventures ensue, etc. It’s hilarious. Of note: Dutch Ruggit, and fine cigars... “What I Did on my Winter Vacation” is available in web form, or Acrobat PDF.

Holiday in Cancan (Unproduced Script)
PDF version

Department of bad lounge acts

Roger Greeley, unexpurgated...

“Roger Greeley — Gander's Man of Song” aired in Season Five, Feb. 13, 1999 — a full half-hour dedicated to lounge fixture once known as “The Recording Secretary to the Board”. This is the complete Greeley episode, before it was edited for a radio half-hour. Contains 9 minutes more than the aired version! More about Roger on the Roger Greeley page

MP3 [8.8 MB]

Department of special Specials

A Special Great Eastern Marconi Special...

In 2002, the team reunited at CBC’s request for a Special Great Eastern Marconi Special to commemorate some anniversary or another. Oh yeah. Marconi. A great show, broadcast Wednesday, December 12, 2002 on CBC Radio 1. The Vault examines the future of broadcasting in the past; Paul saves BCN’s dirigible, the Master of Avalon, and a guest appearance by BCN’s Director of Engineering Emeritus, Ari Uldmanis.

MP3 [6.5 MB].