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Sept. 23, 2004

“It’s the beans, Paul.
The beans must have been bad.”

Moose Hunting Banner

Two new shows from Season Four this week, plus a revised old show. First up, episode 2 from season 4 (September 13, 1997) with the great wartime psyops broadcasts, and episode 3 (September 20, 1997) with the death of Sir Freeman Alderdice Crotty and a lot of great little bits – Stuff Magazine, Paul’s Pot, Fashion Report...

And in honour of the beginning of moose-hunting season here in Newfoundland, I’ve digitized the original broadcast of the moose hunting episode from October, 1997, annotated the script and added a few other scraps of information. The file we had on the site was the rebroadcast from 1998 and was slightly different.

One of the funniest exchanges in the moose hunting episode has Bill Murphy haul out the frozen genitals of a bull moose, the “secret weapon” to confound the Warden should they contravene their bull-only license by shooting a cow:
FAR:	What is it?

BILL:	The cock and balls of a bull 

FAR:	OH WOW!  I’ve read about this.  
        The men of the Sagoonay tribe 
        of Oougubomba do this.

PAUL:	Do what?

FAR:	Perform a ritual dance with 
        the sexual organs of a large 
        ruminent before the hunt. (he 
        sings and dances) Oouga ouga 

PAUL:	No, no, no, Farley.  It’s 
        because of the hunting 
        license, “Bull Only”.

FAR:	Sorry?

BILL:	If we shoot a cow we’ve got 
        Mr. Moose’s gear here to show 
        the Warden.

A glance at the Newfoundland hunting regulations, as a matter of trivia, might make this tactic more difficult than it appears:

“The holder(s) of a male-only licence must leave the scrotum of the animal taken, attached to one hind quarter as proof of sex. NOTE: The testicles and penis may be removed, if desired, but the scrotum must remain attached to the carcess [sic] until the animal is transported to the hunter’s home. If a calf is harvested on a male-only or calf or female-only or calf licence, hunters must retain the jawbone of their kill as proof of age. The holder(s) of female-only licence must retain the head of their kill as proof of sex.”

The delightful diagram above is from the Government of Newfoundland web site.

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