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Sept. 10, 2004

Oougubomba Redux

Radio Free Bomba By popular demand, the first shows we present on the new GE web are the Oougubomba cycle, from season four. There are four shows. Show #11 (Nov. 15, 1997) is all prep for the trip: Oougubomban tape from the Vault, Wordworks on a Bomban travel book, plus shots and supplies for Paul.

Show #13, Nov. 29, (#12 was a repeat) is Oougubomba Part 1, followed by Part 2 (show #14, Dec. 6). After Christmas, there was a fourth related show — tape from Paul's layover in Paris after his escape from Oougubomba (show #20, Jan. 17, 1998).

Script material was fragmentary for these shows, but I’ve cobbled together what I could find into partial scripts.

The Oougubomban shows were very popular with fans, generating delightful fan art (seen here), and many requests for posting, which I finally honour now.

Oougubomba — Newfoundland's ill-fated West African colonial experiment, is mentioned in the very first Great Eastern episode in a Vault piece on Captain Lloyd Duncan, host of Salty Tales. “It was a dark and stormy night when we pulled out of Hallyfax, bound for the shores of Oougubomba on the good ship Golden Hind.”

The shows...

Season 4, Episode 11
Season 4, Episode 13
Season 4, Episode 14
Season 4, Episode 20

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