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Dec. 9, 2004

“The wrapping of solstice gifts and puddings, so much? Get out! And we have tale tellings.”

Gerry Porter

The Great Eastern archive is now complete. I can hardly believe it. After finishing about half the episodes, I had let the damn thing lay moribund for almost two years. When Sunny Days and Nights went on the air this past summer and I got hired on to do some web work, I was motivated to refresh the old site and start the task of finishing mounting all the episodes.

Now what?

Well, we’re taking a break for Christmas, and in the new year there are several more projects to undertake. First, there is the entire Sunny Days Oeuvre, which will get its own section. Then, in February, time runs out on the space the Townbeat producers purchased on a web host, so I will find a place for all that stuff on this site. There are even bits of text and ephemera in the files that might be worth posting. And there may be a few surprises.

Meanwhile, I’ve been investigating the possibility of moving this entire operation to a commercial host. Disk space and bandwidth costs have been dropping lately and it is likely I can come up with something that can accomodate this site and some other projects.

So stay tuned. And have a great holiday.

Gerry Porter

“You are a beautiful woman Mrs. Coombs.”
– Uncle Jack