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Nov. 18, 2004

“This isn’t funny, but he sexually assaulted Budge Doyle’s Chevy Blazer last year”

Paul needs a haircut

No, not Paul. Orv Gommel, one of the subjects of Tracy Babstock’s sports roundup on one of this week’s new episodes. I hadn’t listened to this piece from Episode 12 in years, and it had me in stitches. Listen to the description of the Titanium Man competition:

PAUL:	Perhaps we should take listeners through 
	all the stages of the Titanium Man competition.

TRACY:	Okay.  It works essentially like those iron 
	man games, only more challenging.  Competitors 
	start off with a thirty mile run ...

PAUL:	... Barefoot ...

TRACY:	... and they are buck naked throughout.  After 
	the run, they carry a refrigerator through a burning 
	building; then swim fifty laps in a pool of bleach; 
	get out, eat four pounds of thumb tacks; run another 
	three miles to a soccer pitch where they go at each 
	other with sledge hammers.

PAUL:	And there is no silver or bronze.

TRACY:	One winner only, takes home a mug, three hundred 
	dollars and all the fried chicken they can eat in 
	a year.

PAUL:	Not insubstantial.  Last year's champ, Knuckles Gibbon, 
	consumed $67,000 worth of chicken.

TRACY:	Which killed him.

PAUL:	Tragic, but there you have it.  So, besides Orv, 
	who are the favourites this year?

This week, we bring Season Five up-to-date to Episode 14. Episode 9 (Nov. 7, 1998) is a repeat of the moose hunting episode. Episode 10 (Nov. 14, 1998), the Listener’s Letters show, is not new, but new text material has been added. Episode 11 (Nov. 21, 1998) has a nifty Vault piece showcasing the early BCN crank call show Telephony, and a feature interview with the Classical Comedy guys John Marshall and Vladoblad Ragdalhoolick. Episode 12 (Nov. 28, 1998) has the aforementioned Babstock piece and the great Mr. Hair piece.

Episode 13 is a repeat of the Love Blister show from Season Four. Episode 14 is again, not new, but a new synopsis and some new text pieces have been added. Paul goes to the Christmas Craft Fair and finds hand carved old Newfoundland sex toys made from birch and maple. It’s worth a listen...

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