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Oct. 7, 2004

“I would point to episode 7, The Enemy Within: the good and evil Jim Kirk.”

Our title this week is from the “Humanity Testing” piece (Season 4, Episode 8), wherein Paul tours a new product testing facility set up by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (the notorious anti-seal hunt crowd) where new products are tested on celebrity volunteers:

FRAS:	There, on the other side of the glass, 
	we are testing a new shampoo, determining whether 
	the product can irritate the eyes.

PAUL:	And if I'm not mistaken that's Captain Kirk 
	strapped to the chair.

FRAS:	Yes, William Shatner is our test subject, they 
	are now applying the solution to his eyes. In 
	the past they would do this to bunny rabbits.

PAUL:	Very cruel.

SFX:	Suddenly blood curdling screams from within.

FRAS:	And you can see that there is some irritation.

PAUL:	A question of methodology here Mr. Monchy, 
	William Shatner is ... well he's not a thespian known 
	for his light touch.

FRAS:	You think he may be over-acting?

PAUL:	I would point to episode 7, The Enemy Within, 
	The good and evil Jim Kirk.

FRAS:	In the end the two Jim's have it out.

PAUL:	Right (hums fight theme)

FRAS:	(joins in)

I so love that piece....

Paul's 1963 world spelling bee triumph leads this episode, which is also a treat.

Also added this week are episodes 9, 12 and 16 from that season, making our collection complete up until then end of 1997. Episode 9 (Nov. 1, 1997) features a great visit to the psychic “Miss Betty”:

BETTY:	No, it's a desert ... or a prairie... 
	beams of light ... an airship... and ... 
	there are strangers examining you with devices...

PAUL:	Probes...

BETTY:	Ya, there's a wee little one, and a great huge one...

PAUL:	(breathing hard)

BETTY:	...and you're screaming ...

PAUL:	Don't probe me!

I've started a collection of the various "Don't probe me!"s from the Great Eastern ... also the numerous “Hey Paul”s and “Stop hounding me”s. Somewhere in there, is a song.

Episode 12 (Nov. 22, 1997) is a rebroadcast of the Economology episode from season 3, which I include for the sake of completism and the fact that there's a different head and tail to the show.

Episode 16 (Dec. 20, 1997) is a Christmas disk spin show for which there has been no audio or exceprts available until now. The highlight, for me, is Paul's sordid tale of a booze-sodden Christmas in Guadalajara with Pepito El Grande.

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Season 4, Episode 8
Season 4, Episode 9
Season 4, Episode 12
Season 4, Episode 16

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