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Sept. 16, 2004

“He was a real captain...”

Coal Stacks

Two new shows this week, as we march relentlessly to completism....

Season Five, Episode Three. This show, aired September 26, 1998, is an excellent introduction to the the Great Eastern universe — a documentary from American Public Radio about the BCN. American Wavelength recycles some great Vault clips from the past, including Ron Gellately’s famous piece on the surrender of St. John’s to the Nazis: “That's great news Dirk...I'm sure that all our listeners will join me in welcoming the people of the great German nation to our shores.” I recall there being some consternation in the halls and letterboxes of the CBC about the phrase “A great big warm Newfoundland Heil Hitler...” appearing on the radio and website. Steve Palmer is Bob Pelletier, Andy Jones is Ron Gellately and Ed Riche is Dirk Pilgrim.

We’ve also got episode one from season four, which opens the season with an abundance of classic lines, and Paul’s encounter with white gas as he attempts to smoke out the wasps.... Much script material is included here.

The shows...

Season 4, Episode 1
Season 5, Episode 3

Further reading...

The BCN: Public Radio’s Missing Link

BONUS: This week, I received a CD in the mail from longtime GE fan D.G. Foulke of Port Angeles, WA, containing 29 GE episodes from this site lovingly processed to reduce the tape noise and generally improve the sound quality. Those files have now replaced the files previously on the site, and in fact, I've taken down some of the higher bitrate versions as Gary’s versions are appreciably better. These are the shows replaced:

Season 1, Episode 1
Season 1, Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 6 (New Year’s Eve)

Season 2, Episode 1
Season 2, Episode 2
Season 2, Episode 3
Season 2, Episode 4
Season 2, Episode 5
Season 2, Episode 6
Season 2, Episode 7
Season 2, Episode 8

Season 3, Episode 24
Season 3, Episode 25
Season 3, Episode 26

Season 4, Episode 7
Season 4, Episode 10
Season 4, Episode 24

Season 5, Episode 5
Season 5, Episode 6
Season 5, Episode 7
Season 5, Episode 10
Season 5, Episode 14
Season 5, Episode 20
Season 5, Episode 21
Season 5, Episode 22
Season 5, Episode 24

UPDATE - Sept. 24, 2004:The first 14 episodes of season 3 are now similary fixed and replaced:

Season 3, Episode 1
Season 3, Episode 2
Season 3, Episode 3
Season 3, Episode 4
Season 3, Episode 5
Season 3, Episode 6
Season 3, Episode 7
Season 3, Episode 8
Season 3, Episode 9
Season 3, Episode 10
Season 3, Episode 11
Season 3, Episode 12
Season 3, Episode 13
Season 3, Episode 14

Also fixed:

Season 4, Episode 2
Season 4, Episode 3